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The healing touch is an energy approach which takes as a starting point several old practices by cure of which one is the   laying on of hands.   It was developed at the beginning of the Seventies by the American nurse Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz.   As it is based on many scientific research which came to prove its effectiveness, it is now taught and practised in more than 60 countries through the world.

This holist technic, who is at the same time both preventive and curative, allows to the person rally hisstrenghts as well physical as emotional, psychic or spiritual for a greater harmony.   It is thus addressed as much to a person in good health or ill person, and this, no matter the nature of the illness.

Among its scientifically proven effects one finds:   reduction of the stress, relief of the pain, stimulation of the immune system, faster cicatrization of the wounds and fractures, rise of the rate of haemoglobin, etc. The healing touch is recognized by the order of the nurses and male nurses of Quebec since 1987 as being a complementary tool of care for the nurses. However, it is not a practice exclusively reserved to the professionals of health   any person who has sufficient knowledge and competence can use it.





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