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ACDM - Association Canadienne des Massothérapeutes  et Autres thérapeutes en Médecines Alternatives

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by CATCM's team

Since millenia, the touch is a fundamental need.   From childhood to the adult life and even at the 3rd age, the touch belongs to the life and can be replaced by no other senses.   The monkeys spend their time grooming.   Why?   Sometimes to removed fleas, bugs, dirtinesses and leafs and sometimes also by affection and to give and receive a direction of membership, co-operation and community.

In the mankind, pride, culpability, fear and shame are preventive barriers between all and others.   Some are too proud, whether they are wounded or that they need somebody or that another person can bring them what they need.   Some choose to support the pain or the culpability, true or imaginary.

There is a variety of touches and a variety of senses which can be evoked by the touch, true touch can exceed the limits which one asserts.   Truth touch is a quick therapy, the incarnate compassion and the desire shared to relieve.  

The touch is felt by the donor as much as by the receiver and satisfies a primary need for both.   The touch is communicated, if the intentions are pure and sympathetic, the result may be miraculous.   We all have a need as much as an aptitude for true touch.   We all have the capacity to receive and give true touch.   A simple step begins the day, a simple touch can level the difficulties.





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