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Article du mois
Article of the month



by CATCM's team

This title can seem completely obvious, but actually, it is not.

We all know that a satisfied customer will return and continue to pay your invoices.   But how can you be certain that your customers are satisfied with your services, of your office or your schedules?   How can you be certain that they say l to you all that you need to know?

  I realized that often the professionals believe that the customers are satisfied with their services simply because they never complain.

You all have heard this, " If it isn't broken, do not repair it."   If all this is often true, it is significant, at least, to check if something is broken, does not function as well as before or as it should.

Do not swear anything.   Make a survey for your customers. Ask them the reasons, which push them to return to see you, rather than another therapist.   When some answer that your technique is excellent, other answers could surprise you.

For example, if you request from your customers the same question, the answers vary " It is close to my home" with " I feel comfortable and at ease." or " I feel that you do your best to meet my needs" .   The question most difficult to require, but by far most significant is " What do you like less my practice" or " Which is the thing which you would like more to see changing in my practice" . Ask your customers to be honest.

You really want to know which are your weak points, and what they believe it missing with your practice.   This time still you will be surprised by the answers. Certain customers will suggest a hotter apartment or a dimmer switch.   Others will mention your tendency to be late or will ask whether you can dwell on certains parts of their body.   It is difficult to raise these two questions but you will learn so much from these answers.

You would perhaps never have known what your customers liked or did not like if you had not asked about it.   Take their opinion in consideration.   Once you have this information, use them to your advantage.   If somebody mentions that the light is too clear during the massage, filter it.   By listening to your customers needs, you show them that you are concerned and that you wish to serve them better.   They will appreciate your efforts.

Do not suppose that they want the same thing as usually.   Ask them if something occurred since the last visit.   Ask whether they would like you to deal with certain problems rather than to make them a complete massage, especially if they have pain.   Make sure that you can exceed usual time, especially if they are businesses man or woman.   You can make a survey every month, or you can keep the communication opened all the time.   By knowing what your customers wish, you will be able to give a better service and you will be rewarded by their honesty.





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