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by Jocelyn Vincent, translated by CATCM's team

Although the pregnancy is not a disease in itself, it does remain that certain faintnesses are lived during this period.

The massage adapted for pregnant woman comes to relieve some of these faintnesses.   Here is a short list of the benefits that the mother-to-be will be able to feel.

  • Promote a better circulation.
  • Decrease the appearance of stretch marks in softening the skin, especially at the places where it is stretched.
  • Accelerate recovery of postpartum.
  • Relieve the pains due to muscular imbalances in the more favourable areas, such as backs, the lumbar area, the legs and the shoulders.
  • Attenuate oedema of the legs.
  • Contribute to breathing therefore supports the oxygen contribution to the muscles and the blood, which goes to the foetus.  

Before taking appointment with a massage therapist, it is significant to ensure you that this person has the training required.   This formation is an addition to the basic training of 400hres.  

PS:   In order to make sure that the embryo is well hitch in the uterus, it is preferable to wait the twelfth week of pregnancy before receiving a massage.   Before this time, it is good to have the doctor's opinion.

Jocelyn Vincent is a massage therapist and the president of the ACDM





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