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What is the purpose to subscribe to a professional liability insurance policy?

Almost every day, the newspapers reveal that some therapists are either pursued or convicted for mistakes or professional misconducts.

It is precisely to face this possibility that you must subscribe to a professional insurance policy.

A professional insurance covers the pecuniary consequences caused by a harm caused to a third parties for all fault, error, neglect, mistake or omission committed in the exercise of your professionals activities. That means that your insurer takes in charge all generated expenses, including your defense.

It is important not to confound your professional responsibility with your civil responsibility. Here are two examples of professional responsibility and civil liability.

1. Mrs. XYZ stumbles and break herself a leg in Mrs. Therapist's clinic. As the injury doesn't result from a professional act, the civil responsibility policy will answer the complaint of Mrs. XYZ.

2. During the treatment, Mrs. Therapist dislocated Mrs. XYZ's shoulder which prevent her from working for one week. In this situation, the professional liability policy will answer Mrs. XYZ's complaint, because the injury is the result of a professional act.

  To conclude, it is important to protect your legacy. 





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