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by Jocelyn Vincent, translated by CATCM's team

Choosing a massage therapist, it is a little like choosing a painting.   One often chooses a painting for hits colors, for the subject.   It is a bit the same thing for the choice of your massage therapist.   He must seem trustworthy to you, to be professional, but especially to be listening to your needs.  

A good massage therapist must always respect his customer, if not, it is it is up to you to make him respect your limits.   This is your body and which is best placed than you to know whether you like or not!   It is often said that one has an idea of somebody in the 10 first second of the meeting.

From the expression   " make a good impression" .   Too much often, we try to rationalize our emotions and to disregard our " feelings" . The massage is something intimate where the bond of confidence Client/Therapist is very significant from where the importance to choose a person with which one is at ease.

Do not hesitate to shop your therapist.   Here I do not speak about the price, but rather about the approach of this one.   How you feel when you speak to him on the telephone, when you see it the first time.   How you feel when you receive the massage.   Sometimes it is necessary to test several therapist before finding the good one, yours, the one who will listen to our body and our needs.   Each technique of massage meets particular needs (Massage with oil, energy massage) When one does not feel comfortable and in confidence with somebody one is tended, unable to be let go and by the fact even, beneficial effects of the massage are decreased by as much.

  It is significant to remember that behind each massage therapist, a human being with its forces and its weaknesses hides and even if two massage therapist had exactly the same training at the same school, they will have two different ways of touching, two different chemistries. To benefit the maximum of a massage, a criterion is essential... trust. Without confidence there is no abandonment and thus no relaxation. Before even taking appointment with a massage therapist, make sure that a serious association accredits him and that he has a minimum of

Caution:   The fact of emitting receipts for purposes of insurance, does not guarantee qualified or professional massage therapist.

Jocelyn Vincent is a massage therapist and the president of the ACTMD





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