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Article du mois
Article of the month



by Francine Audet M.A., translated by CATCM's team

Work is the element, which takes the greatest place in the adult life for the majority of people.   It is thus conceived easily that it has a great influence on our health and our well being. We experienced our well being and the fact of feeling well with our self and the others when we are in Physical Health and Mental health. The Mental health is a state of psychic and emotional balance. In the hurly-burly of life to the daily newspaper and more specifically to work, how to preserve this state of balance? The Ministry for Health and the Social services, the Group Adecco Quebec and the Order Of the Psychologists of Quebec suggest some means to reach that point.   Here they are:

·Like us such as we are.

·Take our work with serious without taking us seriously. The pleasure has its place there!   The work environment is a medium of life.

·Let us learn how to say no and to establish our limits.

·Better be surround by people who improves our image and whom we will improve theirs.

·Let us discover and assess the qualities of our colleagues.

·Let us give support, encouragement and compliments to our colleagues and learn how to receive some in return.

·Let us celebrate our good blows and those of our colleagues and learn how to accept the failures by transforming them into source of training.

·Let us be creative let us change routine and vary our tasks as often as possible.

·Let us learn how or relearn to laugh humour enables us to come easily into contact with the others, causes listening, the pleasure and the relaxation.  

I would add to this list of means to take care of us with work, proposed by the Order of the psychologists and the ministry for Health and the Social services, some additional concrete means:

·Take breaks.

·Take our lunch hour.

·Talk about anything but work during these times of recovery.

·Take a few minutes at the end of the working day to review our day, what enables us to realize all the work that's been accomplished.

·Also take into account of the efforts provided and not only of the results.

·See our work environment like a medium of life. Between us, create or preserve a climate where it feels good living.

·Keep an open spirit and practise the tolerance with the difference.

·Integrate in our practices and our ways of being some elements likely to implant a climate of trust (by, for and between us).

·Practise the assertion of oneself: respect the others and be respected.

·Make the clarifications which are essential progressively.

·Create a pleasant workspace and change this decoration from time to time.

·To the impossible, no one is held. Give realistic and realizable objectives.

·Think from time to time to take a retreat towards the task to give more place to the human shutter.   (Aim a balance between the being and the doing at work).

·Lay down objectives of going beyond compared to oneself and not on a competitive mode with the others.

·Grant yourself a greater mutual recognition. Think about making profitable the forces of each one.

·Treat ourselves like our best friend, give us pleasure.

·Take one day at a time.

·Have entertaining activities and leisure in your lives. Thus avoid putting all our eggs in the same basket. Let us distribute our energies in a balanced way balanced between work, the other significant things in our lives and the leisure.

I hope that some of these ideas gave you the desire to take good care of you and have supported the emergence of other means. 





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