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Article du mois
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by Francine Audet M.A., translated by CATCM's team

In Quebec Science of March 2003 one recalls us that there is no distress without stress and that the distress is an early indicator of problem of mental health.   In this article, one targets the race to the performance and the excellence just as of competitiveness like major harmful elements in our lives at work. This, with an aim of making more with less. One can read there:   ' is the society of performance wasting its human capital?'  

One specifies six sources of stress at work and one develop out there on each one:   the extra work, the ambiguity of the roles, relations interpersonal, the career, organisational climate and the shock of the world of work and the family.

The extra work:   in spite of the number of hours that increase with an aim of achieving the workload, the impression not to have supplemented work persists.   Heaviness amplified by fear to make mistakes creating a moral overload which, is added with the extra work.

The ambiguity of the roles:   not to know which makes what or on which falls the responsibility for such or such task becomes a great cause of anxiety, demotivation, absenteeism and poor yield.

Interpersonal relations:   the work environment can just as easily be a significant hearth of interpersonal conflicts that a valve to stress and/or psychological harassing if there is a good confidence between the colleagues.

The career:   does it have agreement between your career plan and the company for which you work?   What happen with job security?   The insecurity of employment, the incapacity to take account of our ambitions, the impossibility of promotion or an inadequate promotion can cause an unsatisfaction with work, to reach the regard of one self.  

Organisational climate:   lack of information, the perpetual administrative procedures which are increasing, the futile meetings which are repeated, significant decisions relating to work carried out in a unilateral way or almost  

The shock of the world of work and the family:   moral dilemma in the coordination of two significant spheres in our lives.   It seems increasingly difficult to reconcile both.  





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