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It makes possible the release of various tensions accumulated on the level of the nape of the neck, the shoulders and the back. This treasure of benefits is put up perfectly with the constraints of the modern world and particularly at work. An extraordinary tool to reduce the negative effects of the stress within the framework of the company.

Course of the massage:

  • It lasts 15 minutes
  • It is received dressed
  • Can be practiced anywhere
  • It is carried out on an ergonomic chair especially adapted
  • Massage of the head, nape of the neck, back, shoulders and arms.

Length and effectiveness:

  • It reduces the negative stress
  • Improves the vitality
  • Increases the concentration and the effectiveness
  • Relief various daily pains   (back problems, tensions in the nape of the neck?)
  • Facilitate the communication
  • Release the creativity

A must for the enterprise:

  • Improves the innovating and convivial image of the company
  • Improves the motivation of the collaborators





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