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Analgesic, Alleviating or stimulating, the massage helps us to feel well in our body.

If it comes into the medical panoply little by little, especially like extremely powerful anti-pain, no need to be confined in a hospital bed to benefit from their benefits. On the contrary, the virtues of the preventive massage, if that is a question of stopping an osteoarthritis crisis or simply to slacken, were largely shown.   The body is in permanent activity:   cardiac activity, circulatory, energy.   If it is stimulated, one increases the potential of energy, of force, which makes it possible " to make things" .   But that works only if we know where to put the hands on precise points! It is a question of opening specific valves in order to start again circulation, to drive out oedemas, to disperse pains, but not anyhow nor anywhere! And physical activity, it effective also for all that, is it not?   " Sport is good, it is even essential, admit Gil Amsalem, kinesitherapist and osteopath (Vital TEAM).   But the manual therapy are a significant complement:   they clean and rebalance the organism, in particular after a sport activity who generates waste " a massage then allows to disperse the accumulated lactic acid and thus to avoid the aches.

Between the crises

To associate activity and massage is also an excellent idea to counter the rheumatic pains.   Initially because a sedentary body maintains the stiffness and the progression of this disease. Then because if you are under medical treatment, the regular massage makes it possible to evacuate waste related to the degradation of the drugs, and thus to prevent pains known as of " overload" .   " When someone has osteoarthritis, certainly we can live with the pain and fold up on ourselves while moaning, insists Amsalem, which accelerates the process of calcification of the articulations, and thus maintains the pain, etc.   But one can also fight against the inflammation:   the massage therapist's hands are magic in order to delay or slow down these disorders " .   Think about it, between the crises, in order to push back occurred of the following one!

" After a massage, one is not any more the same one"

Between " before" and " after" a massage, no one is anymore the same: everywhere the massage therapist put his hands, it modifies something, creates a current, and as all is dependent in the body, the repercussions are everywhere " the intellectuals who forgot that they also had a body, rediscover body feelings. Very often, people reach us at the end of their active life:   they " have think hard" during the 30 or 40 past years and then, they are found with a body stiffened because put aside.   In general, they were never made mass. When they note that at the first massage, they are feeling better, they all say the same thing: " if I had known, I would have come earlier! " .  

Some return two or three times a year, others more often, each one its rate/rhythm to find its vitality.   The result?   A better cutaneous quality, a feeling of body youth, a more luminous complexion, a rectification of the spine (thus a better appearance), as all the psychological consequences which result from this! Many people rediscover the desire to makes things, since they are feeling well again, the creativity goes up out of arrow, mood is in clear improvement (the entourage appreciates)...   In two words:   they revive. The simple fact of being massaged gives them the desire to being put at a sports activity, whose benefit on health are not any more to prove:   how many seniors do not move because they... do not move:   the inactivity involves the inaction.   We always recall that the antidote to the weakness, it is the strength, that the antidote with the stiffness, it is the making supple. Exercise and massage go well together! "

" a happy spirit in a happy body"

  If these two disciplines of the body do seem dependent for the best, two other entities are still too often disunited... for the worst. It acts of the spirit and of the body   " stimulation by the touch allows the body and the spirit to get rid of what burdens it, because what is not expressed prints" .

All the doctors agree: slacken the body, is alleviating the spirit.   And do testimonies are entirely of this opinion...





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