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By: Jocelyn Vincent, translated by CATCM's team

Who never cancelled an appointment at the last minute or arrived late?   With the train of hell of our current lives, which would not like to add a few hours to the 24 already available ones to make ends meet!

Far from being the society of the leisure as promised, our society became a world of performance where the time reserved for oneself is increasingly rare.

In this context, the therapist can understand that it sometimes happens to you to cancel an appointment or that you arrive late, but be aware... there's a price which, indirectly is attached to this situation.

First of all, let us go to the reason, which justifies the appointment taking.   You probably took it to relax in order to decrease your stress level, to relieve the muscular pains and for some... to exceed itself, to cross personal barriers.   When I speak about barrier, I speak here, of getting used to be touched, of learning how to be at ease in his body, of the fear of nudity and/or almost nudity necessary to certain types of massage.

Of course, there is many other reason to take care of oneself and there is to cancel an appointment as much.

It is not rare, for those who try to exceed their barriers, to cancel at the last minute.   As for an examination, when the great day arrives, the anxiety, the anguish, panic can seize the person who chooses to push back her fear rather than to face it while cancelling its appointment.   If it is your case, I recommend speaking about it with your therapist before the treatment.   It will be able to thus discuss it with you, to give you more information on its way of making, of answering your questions and of adapting its practice according to your problems.

What is the price to be paid for your delay or your cancellations

If you are late, it normal that this one either is deduced from your processing time.   If the appointment were planned for a 60 min. duration of and that you arrive 10min., it will not last more but 50 min.   It would not be fair for the next customers to have to wait simply because of your late arrival.   It should not be forgotten that the delays are added and that if the therapist puts back his customers each time that occurs, it can arrive at the end of the day with a discrepancy on his schedule of 30 to 40 min.   You appreciate the punctuality of your therapist... others do too!

If you cancelled several times your treatments at the last minute, don't be surprised that your therapist cannot find you an availability in his diary as quickly as you would like to.   It is normal to favour the more faithful clients who need a relief and who are used to respect their appointment.

It is important to know that several therapists rent their room per hour, meaning that a customer who does not present himself to its appointment means 20$ less for the therapist.

In short
Before taking your appointment:

  1. Be sure to have your diary within reach of hand
  2. If you have children, check the availability of a childminder.
  3. If you have the shared custody, perhaps choose to take your appointment when your offspring is at ex-spouse.
  4. If you work on call, perhaps choose a moment when you are almost certain that you will not be called.   (Ex:   You are on call of Wednesday at Sunday, perhaps choose Monday or Tuesday.

I hope that this article made you understand, why it is significant to inform your therapist at least 48hres in advance in order to avoid living consequences mentioned above and in addition, to allow the therapist to fill your absence by another client who, also, has certainly very good reasons to want to take care of him.

Jocelyn Vincent is a massage therapist and the president of the ACTMD





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