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Moreover, a massage session carried out delicately ensures a true smoothly relieving. Let yourself be guided...

Plantar reflexology, a true medical speciality

The plantar massage is from China. A massage practised by a specialist makes it possible to intervene on the various reflex points of the arch of the foot. Each zone reflex corresponds to an organ, a gland or part of the body. The principle consists in locating the tensions then to free them.

The plantar massage is relaxing: a massage stimulates the 7200 nervous terminations that cover the feet. Something to facilitate the relaxation of the whole body. It also makes it possible to improve the venous return and blood circulation. Lastly, it relieves certain pains, by targeting the zones of the foot that correspond to the body in question: for example, the cervical vertebrae are projected on the big toe and the spinal column on the internal side of the foot.

Plantar reflexology can be used against the stress, insomnia, migraines, neuralgias, muscular or articular pains (cramps, stiff neck...), digestive disorders (stomach pain, constipation...), and benign respiratory disorders (sinusitis, cough, cold...).

Usually, 4 to 6 sessions are needed to relieve the disorders, at a rhythm of a session per week. But this rhythm can differ from one person to another. A complete reflexological care takes approximately 45 minutes. It is frequent to feel a tiredness or aches after the first session.

A medical opinion is essential if your symptoms persist.

And at the house? A true relaxing pause
You feel tired, tensed? A soft plantar massage carried out by a person of your entourage is ideal to relax and find at the same time serenity and energy. Only one condition: the massage must carefully be carried out all when one is not a specialist.

The massage should not tickle, but to be relaxing. 20 minutes are enough: progressively, a general greater comfort invades you, the tensions of the day are erased... And for more pleasure still, you can use a body milk, a cream of massage or oils essential. Guaranteed relieving! In practice, there are 2 movements easy to practise at home (each time with softness):

Effleurage: the fingers slip slowly while going up towards ankle while pressing gently.

The creeping corresponds to the same movement with the pulp of the thumb, without following particular direction. The thumb moves on the skin, with the first folded phalange then unfolded, as it was about a caterpillar. The creeping can be also carried out with the 4 other fingers of the hand, in the same way. The ends of the fingers never leave the skin, but the pressure varies according to the movement.

The reflexologists uses the same movements, more accentuated with the need to reinforce the dilation of the vessels or to stimulate circulation. They also use the movements of friction to invigorate an organ or to defuse a blocking, and of kneading to stimulate nerves, vessels and glands.

Good to know: better is worth to wait a few hours after a meal before being made mass. Moreover, there are counter-indications with the massages: pregnancy, varicose veins, phlebitis, heart condition, digestive ulcer, and of course wrench, bruises or any other wound with the foot.

And to make the pleasure last...
Go naked feet as much as possible: on the beach, grass, at home...

You can also wear acupressure rubber mules, ideal for the heavy legs and the hollow feet. If needed, a podologist can make you out to measure, soles that support on certain points of the foot.





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