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by Francine Audet M.A., translated by CATCM's team

One of the expectations that the customer has towards his massage therapist is that it helps to become aware of himself while passing by his body.  

To become aware of its muscular tensions, of his physiological disquiet, allows the customer to reconnect to himself. Thereafter, depending on aptitudes, maturity and of several life factors, the customer will choose or no to follow his progression in link with its awakening while wondering to which stress of his current life links up itself all its tensions that he felt and identified in his body to the passage of the experts hands of his massage therapist.  

The attitude of the massage therapist that, witness of what occurs in the body of his client, remains calm, respectful and without judgement can support the pursuit of the pathway of the person that receives its cares if he preserves this attitude without having expectation towards his client. If he observes opening, the massage therapist can also propose to his client to question himself as for the stress that he currently lives and to their impact on his health and or his well being.  

Thus, by its expert's hands the massage therapist will have been the trigger of an awakening and by his attitude will have favoured a pathway with his customer.  





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