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Without diminishing the importance of the curative shutter of the massage, the goal of this article is to put the emphasis on the preventive aspect of this one.  

Preventive at the physical and psychological level.   The person is a whole and as one discovers it more and more, the well-being of the body has an impact on the mood, on the psychological dimension of the being and vice versa.  

The massage therapist is in a great position to influence the use of the free time of its clients so that these take their health in charge.   This is what we call " the empowerment" .   The massage therapist can suggest, encourage his client to do exercise, sport, a change in his nutrition, an activity that, practiced with determination and perseverance will make him a person that will have taken in hand his health and his well being.   Your interventions can be decisive on the motivation of your clients and by the fact on the maintenance of their health.  

In addition to the effects obtained after these suggestions and encouragements on behalf of the therapist to his client, an impact at the psychological level will also be possibly observable.   The client that, little by little with this motivating support, will have made some changes for an improved life hygiene, will be able to observe changes in his physical appearance, in the way he feels in his body, in his agility to carry out certain movements, certain activities, etc.   This improvement thus has inevitably, on long term, an impact on the picture of oneself.   Consequently, these changes obtained by the efforts provided by the client and this image of oneself improved will have equally an effect on self-confidence of the latter and globally, on his esteem of oneself.  

You can be The professional that will make the difference in the life of your clients.





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