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We would like to continue to look as young as we feels " inside" , but the expiry is inescapable: with the wire of time, the cutaneous cells are renewed more slowly (involving a thickening of the skin because of the dead cells which accumulate) the collagen fibres worsen in derma the sebaceous and sudoriparous glands are atrophied (reducing the hydration) and gravity attracts soft tissues downwards. In short, the skin takes wrinkles and is slackened.  

The principal characteristics of an old skin would be caused more by photo-ageing, i.e. ageing due to the effects of the sun (especially of rays UVA), then by the age. The marks, more apparent in the face and the hands are taken of it. The permanent effects generated by photo-ageing are at the same time superficial and deep, where the damage of oxidation occurs.  

Unfortunately, the negative impact of the sun accumulates starting from the early childhood...   If the dry skin can affect people of any age, the ageing of the skin is characterized, moreover, by the following demonstrations:

  • Wrinkles
  • Deficiency of tonicity
  •   Senile lentigo, usually called pigmentary spot or spot of ageing (these spots are similar to freckles sinks brown)
    N.B.:   The lentigos do not present any danger. However, if they take relief or change aspect, it is better to consult a doctor.
  • Actinic keratosis, which are dry brownish spots on the skin, overlapping little by little with a cornea formation more or less thick (they can, in certain cases, become cancerous)
  • Greater susceptibility to the haematomas, especially to the hands and the forearm  

If there is a way to slow down the process of ageing of the skin, it is impossible to reverse or to stop it. The speed with which this process proceeds depends, initially, of heredity and, in the second time, way of life.  

The massage helps to restore the natural hydration of the skin and to release it from toxins by the lymphatic system moreover, certain manipulations are conceived to relax the muscles of the face and to attenuate the wrinkles. The effects are of short duration, but a regular programme of massage of the face can help to keep the good appearance of the skin.

In Chinese traditional medicine, there are treatments to stimulate the energy, which maintains the vitality of the tissues. Precise techniques aim also the reduction of the little wrinkles and even of the wrinkles of expression, but also of other affections of the skin. Less marked than with the medical interventions, a certain improvement appears after two or three sessions a complete treatment lasts 10 to 12 sessions, for which it is necessary to resort to maintenance treatments. The experts evoke several ways by which acupuncture acts, according to the person condition:   to stimulate certain organs to increase blood circulation in the area concerned to increase the yin energy which humidifies to release the muscles whose contraction causes many of the wrinkles. Unless exception, these treatments do not cause side effects.  





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