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Article du mois
Article of the month



by Francine Audet M.A., translated by CATCM's team

You have or will be inevitably confronted eventually, occasionally, to a disturbing client in your professional practice. The disturbing word can associates itself to different ways of being at the person, in several different behavior and\or ways of sharing its opinion.

Lets take a look today on the disturbing / moaner client:

  • He / she did not expect that kind of office, massage room...
  • The odour in the room gives him/her nausea
  • He / she does not like the massage oil you use
  • The music could be louder, lower, different...
  • He / she gives negative remarks on the reading at the disposal of the clients in the waiting room
  • The temperature of the room is not convenient for him(her)
  • Sheets are too large, not large enough....
  • He / she always has messed hair while leaving your office what creates him(her) discomfort ......

How to compose, " deal" with this kind of person which from one visit to the other passes a negative criticism or still who, during the same appointment, presents several negative comments / criticisms.

présente un bilan ou plusieurs commentaires/critiques négatifs

The ball is in your camp.

If you choose to be conscious why he/she disturbs you, supposing that it is a personality conflict, it will help you to find tracks of solutions for a work of personal progression work, which will help you to remedy the situation when you will be again confronted with this type of person, no matter the context.

If this person disturbs you without being related to a conflict of personality, at a lack of professionalism, competence… you can choose to avoid taking these remarks in a personal way, but rather as lever of change. This lever of change could possibly improve the service you offer. That will be thus beneficial for you at the psychological as well as at the professional level.   Yes, at the psychological level by avoiding all stress linked to the manner to take every criticism in a personal way and at the professional level while preserving the client who consulted you rather than to let them to go towards another therapist.

One has only to think of all the clients who do not make any comment, but who never come back. There is advantage to seek for the comments of the clients even though they are not always positive. The idea of a box for comments and\or suggestions in the waiting room could facilitate the picking of the comments of people that do not deliver them personally. It allows then to better target the needs, tastes, desires, susceptibilities… of this person and to be equipped to answer it. It even allows to look for solutions with the person (that also concerned other clients. So, you will demonstrate your opening and your concern for the well-being of all the clients who consult you).

In conclusion, one must keep in mind that there will always be dissatisfied people no matter your efforts to satisfy them, because it is probably connected, in that case, to their personal history. From which the importance not to take it personal and thus to preserve your professional self esteem and your feeling of competence, this while continuing to look with them for realistic, feasible solutions which hold them, yourself and your other clients into account.

These strategies will work in such way that your office will be constantly in growth and that you will preserve your health, your self esteem and you will receive clients increasingly satisfied or conscious of your will to satisfied them.





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