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For a permanent greater comfort: free your emotional memories.

Who, one day or the other, do not feel pulled about, not worried by what he lives? Who among us literally did not let himself aspire by the events, sometimes creating long periods of imbalance?

And even so, we all seek to give ourselves a greater comfort. Therefore, the importance to learn how to release its emotional memories.

By emotional memories, I mean the wounds, shocks and unsolved emotional traumatisms as well as the not answered needs, which take their source in the parental prints. Our zone of reality of perception includes our perceptions, our cognitions and our beliefs. It is what one recorded on our mental cassette and which comes essentially from what one inculcated to us.

One rediscovers of course happy memories creating thus good memories. But when the memories are bad, wounded, shocked, it results a state inferior consciousness conducted out by the ego which causes a dynamics of operation that I name: VICTIMIZATION.

How does the person who uses this dynamics act? You will surely recognize several of the schemes, at other of course! But, pay a particular attention to your own schemes, how is it?

The victimization is a sabotage mechanism that is very shed. Its structure influences all the other complementary and repetitive behavioral diagrams such as: diagram of exclusion, diagram of intrusion, diagram of over-protection, diagram of culpability, diagram of constraint, diagram of strategy, diagram of power, diagram of inferiority.

The experiential reality lived by the person will result consequently from the source of the conscience:

wounded memory = inferior conscience
released memory (cure and responsibility to create itself) = higher conscience.

Lower conscience
Lower conscience is the one who shelters the wounded memories created by the emotional dynamics of the ego or the false oneself. The ego will contribute to the formation of the mechanism of sabotage that is the victimization. What will make of this " martyr" a human being having a temperament lead to judge, to criticize, blame and project on God, others and life, all that happens to him.

The victim has a strong tendency to feel pity on its destiny and to blame the other persons for its misfortunes. The people affected of victimization are controlled by the negative FEARS and emotions, the blame, perfectionism, the comparison, self-centeredness and the judgment. They use self-destroying behaviors, compulsives and live continual dissatisfactions.

In the perceptual reality zone, they stored on their mental cassette (the cognitive filter) wounds which, each time that they are stimulated, revived by the outside (people, events, situations) or by interior factors (non satisfied needs) activate the opening of this emotional memory. This one mobilizes the defensive reactions, causes resistances generating an inadequate, repetitive behavior. To raise our conscience, one must first of all release these painful emotional memories that cause obstacles to our well-being.

Higher conscience
The awakening of its maladjusted functioning offers two possibilities: to remain in this state of mind which makes us suffer or choose to transform this dynamics in taken charge of oneself by developing the responsibility to create itself.

By choosing the responsibility to create itself, one generates a process of change, transformation of oneself. These transformations lead to positive reactions, of which the acceptance of its human dimension, the let go of, the spiritual quest, self-love, intuition, full creative potential, the understanding, the authentic communication and plenitude its being.

This selected way brings to real oneself. The zone of perceptual reality is filtered and validated according to objective reality of what is and not interpreted according to a skewed framework of reference. Therefore, in the zone of experiential reality will emerge positives reactions such as previously named. By developing our true oneself, we approach the higher conscience, Self (Soul) thus, of a spiritual life more present and more satisfactory human relations.

In the depths of oneself exists an unknown potential, capacities ignored to make the being that you are, an exceptional being.





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