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Our world crosses increasingly fast changes having for effect a rise of the stress in our life.  

It is however possible to control and to even eliminate the stress by a change from our perception of the events. Stress is a defence reaction to a situation perceived like negative, threatening or dangerous. I would like to underline the word perceived, because it is our perception, which determines if a situation is negative, or not. There are people who perceive the judgements of the others as threatening whereas for others it is only information. The stress has a bond with the experiment.

There are people who are at ease to walk on a beam to hundred feet in the airs because they have the necessary drive to do it, whereas for a person like you and me the stress associated with the fear of falling, would be enormous. The level of stress, which you live, is inversely proportional to the level of self-esteem you have. In other words, more one person has a solid self-esteem, less the stress is present in its life.

Stress appears when a person is divided inside itself between a desire (need) and a fear. Remember that the stress is a mechanism of defence against a situation perceived as being negative or dangerous for survival. Obviously, certain situations are dangerous. To walk on the edge of a building of 20 floors, for example, or to stand right in middle of a highway at the rush hour. The major problem with the stress is that our organism does not make the difference between a fear that threatens really our survival and a psychological fear.

For the subconscious, a fear of being struck by a car or a fear of requiring a wage increase will mobilize the system of defence of the body like mechanism of protection face to an imminent danger. The body becomes under tension, produces more adrenalin, the heart beats more quickly and leads more oxygen to the muscles in order to prepare to fight or to flee, the concentration decreases and the senses become more in alert, the immune system takes up duty by producing a greater number of white globules, etc.

Considering that the mechanisms of physiological reactions of the subconscious to a fear for survival of the physical body are the same ones as for the fears of emotional nature, what can occur when a person has many fears?... The body remains in permanent defence and state of alert. This permanent state of alert exhausts the immune system and product various symptoms such as: the loss of concentration, a reduction in the memory, a loss of interest and motivation, being able to go until chronic tiredness, burn out, or depression.

Il has two types of stress, the " positive stress" based on the excitation, enthusiasm, the laughter and passion to achieve. This stress is connected to positive emotions it is the stress of people in good health. There is also the negative stress produced by our fears, our concerns, our insecurities and our internal dualities.

It is our perception of a situation which causes a stress not the situation itself. You perceive your reality through coloured filters of your beliefs. The beliefs affect our way of reacting to various situations. Since each individual is not brought up with the same beliefs, a situation perceived like negative and stressing by a person, will be perceived like positive and stimulating by another. If a situation causes you a negative stress, examine the beliefs which produce this stress if you want to replace it by a positive stress. When the tap runs and that the stopper is in the sink there is no use to wipe the floor non-stop...

There is a major difference between controlling the stress and eliminating the stress. Medication, the natural products, a healthy food, the massage therapy and good physical exercises will make it possible to keep the stress under control, however if there is no change in the attitudes, practices and behaviours the stress is likely to be maintained. Other approaches of the mental type such as the meditation, relaxation, visualization and the positive thought will also help to keep the stress under control. However, when these tools and techniques are not enough, a change of beliefs involving a change in the habits, behaviours and perceptions becomes essential.

Many people eliminate the stress from their life by maintaining it in a sleeping state. How?... In giving up their dreams and desires in order to avoid internal limitations associated with the realization of their dreams and desires. By thus acting another type of stress is created: stress of deprivation. Think about it! How many things would you like to do and which you do not make because of the stress connected to the fear of not being able to achieve these things?... The more one person has fear, the more it will tend to hesitate and the more important the stress will be in its life.

Certain stresses cannot be avoided: stress connected to the fast changes of your environment stress connected to modifications of tasks to work stress due to money concerns the stress due to the relational problems with oneself and the others, etc. It is necessary to accept the negative stress if you really want to transform it into positive stress. Ask yourself the following question:   what do I need to reduce or eliminate this stress?... A good massage, one vacancy, a session of positive visualization, identify and change the beliefs which produce the negative stress and to transform it into positive stress? Whatever your need, act and fill it now. If you wait until the circumstances are favourable to act, that will not happen. It is your decision to act which will return the circumstances favourable.

La majority of the stresses are of emotional natures, learn how to manage your emotions and you will improve your health, your personality and your effectiveness, not only with being well in your skin but also doing what you want and to obtain what you want with more ease. Become the gardener of your interior. Learn how to laugh more, to relax and meditate go in nature, develop attitudes of positive thought change your beliefs and, more than every other things, do what pleases you and what makes you happy in life.





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