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Literary search and editing by CATCM's team

Massage therapy can bring a real well-being to everyone. Is it for you? For someone you know? How to know? What follows will throw light...

An importing reminder, however: whatever are your reasons, never agree to receive a treatment of massage therapy without having established previously, in the presence of your therapist, a health report.

" I feel stressed "
In a recent survey concerning the consumer habits of the Québécois, in massage therapy, 84,2 % of the men and 79,5 % of the women said to be perfectly relaxed following a session of massage therapy. This same survey teaches us that 94,7 % of the men and 90,9 % of the women consumers of massage see it as an effective anti stress in their life! .  

The stress is one of the resultant of your lifestyle? A massage by professionals massage therapists is a simple, natural and most pleasant way to give to your body the vivifying relaxation which it needs.

" I feel tired "
Massage therapy can help to improve your energy level. Indeed, according to the same survey, 73,7 % of the men and 70,5 % of the women consider that massage can increase their performance at work, in their leisure activities or in their everyday life. On the other hand, 78,9 % of the people and 70,5 % of the women assert that massage allows them to recover more quickly, when they feel tired.

The causes of the fatigue are multiple. If you suffer from chronic fatigue (since a few months) we advise you to consult your doctor, by precautionary measure.

" I practice one physical activities "
According to a study of the Human Performance Laboratory of the university East Carolina on the effects of massage and certain types of physical activities, massage reduces muscular pains when it is carried out about two hours after the physical activity.  

Professional athletes have recourse to massage therapy to get well prepare and to recover more quickly, after the physical activity.   If these cares are valid for the professionals, they will surely be it for you.  

" I am sedentary and\or I wish to find a normal weight "
Massage therapy does not replace physical exercise.   However, it can become a motivation source by the well-being that it brings to the one that undertakes a program of physical activities.   Massage activates blood circulation at the skin level muscles and all tissues benefit from the benefactions of the massothérapie.   Moreover, massage favors nutrition and oxygenation of tissues.

If you follow or want to follow a loss weight program, massage therapy perfectly registers itself in the return to a healthy lifestyle and based on greater comfort.   Exercise, a healthy and well-balanced food, an adequate hydration and a positive attitude are also essential to a return to your normal weight.  

" I have tensions and muscular pains "
Massage therapy has very positive effects on nervous and muscular systems. The action of the massage alleviates the nervous system while causing sedation, i.e. a painkiller effect, and acts against the pain. Moves executed with precision and taking tendons as muscles into account, involve an optimal relaxation of muscles.

" I wish to improve my blood and lymphatic circulation "
Moves of massage made according to precise ways and adequate rhythm improves circulation. It is the conclusion at which arrived the Executives' school of kinesitherapy   of Bois-Larris, further to a study made in association with the Ministry of Health of the region of Picardy, in France. A better blood circulation leads to a better nutrition of tissues and improves the elimination of the toxisn which can be source of fatigue.

" I want to improve my sleep and make it more refreshing "
Our survey concerning the spending patterns of the inhabitants of Quebec, regarding massage therapy, we learn that 84,2% of the men and 79,5% of the women feel perfectly relaxed after a session of massage therapy.  

The sedative and relaxing effect of a professional massage puts your body and your spirit in a state convenient to sleep.   The physical and psychological relaxation that it induces favors a most refreshing sleep.  

" I want to make an original and beneficial gift to someone that I appreciate "
More and more people offer sessions of massage therapy to parents or friends.   Call upon service of massage therapy at home.   The pregnant women, in particular, appreciate all the treatments of massage therapy.  

The postural and physiological modifications caused by the pregnancy bring muscular tensions and temporary circulatory problems that can be improved by massage therapy treatments.  





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