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LaStone Therapy with four hands. Warm stones, ayurvédique oil, the know-how of two massage therapists: the perfect mixture for a rebalancing relaxation.

Facing the harshness of winter, what's more comforting than a massage? When associated to warm stones coated with ayurvédique oil, it is a sheer delight for the body.

LaStone Therapy is a very popular massage in the urban spas and care centers.

Four hands.
LaStone Therapy, method invented by an American who was inspired by an Amerindian traditional massage, is also practiced in tandem. It is thus not one, but two therapists who massage you. Pebbles are warmed in water in 50 degrees. Once the body coated with pleasantly fragrant oil, they slide freely on the skin. Certain stones are put on precise points. The others run on both sides along arms, back and legs. The strong heat that they release is at first sight surprising, but one accustoms quickly.

" Stones act on the energy channels and stimulate the flow bringing well-being. This massage favors harmony between the body and the spirit, a strengthened effect by working simultaneously on both side of the body" . Force is to notice that, the fan-shaped toes, the small stones placed between toes on points of reflexology offer a real feeling of relaxation. Quite as the big very round pebble in the reassuring effect which comes to tickle the arch of the foot.

Familiar feelings.
The volcanic stones used for this massage look like pebbles. They are black, and smooth as river pebbles polished by waters. I don't not know for you, but me, when I was a child, I liked hunting pebbles. These small pebbles with rebound were as soft as a feather. My biggest pleasure was to choose the most flat and to pass it on my cheek such a caress. Hot Stones Therapy revives these pleasant memories.





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