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Chiropractic, massage therapy, naturopathy, acupuncture...   Québécois are increasingly numerous to consume health care other than those lavished by traditional medicine. In 2000, among the 35 years or less, 7 people out of 10 had already had turned to an alternative therapy. Although less used by the aging population, for the same period, the alternative medicine - all confused disciplines - rejoined all the same 50 % of the baby-boomers inhabitant of Quebec.  

If their quote of popularity is in constant rise, the alternative medicines are not yet grapple with significant problems of labour. Until now, the number of professionals widely suffices with the request.  

A situation in all points similar to that lived for the acupuncture. In fact, according to Lyliane Mazzetti, vice-president of the Association of the acupunctors of Quebec, " thanks to the introduction of the collegial training in acupuncture, the professionals available manage to answer the request" . A situation that should not change for some time in its opinion. " Not only the troop of students coming from collegial comes to increase the rows of the professionals each year, but a good proportion of people are not yet ready to spend 50 $ or even 35 $ for a consultation" , she assert.  

The statute of self-employed workers of the professionals of alternative medicine also discourages a great number of people interested by one or the other of the disciplines. Among massage therapists, for example, 95 % of the professionals have a statute of self-employed worker. If they are not in it for the businesses, that can be a constraining factor.  

Mireille Duranleau, president of the Association of the chiropractors of Quebec, agrees: " To work in alternative medicine, it is not only one choice of vocational guidance, it is also a way of life. If one wants to make career in the field, it is necessary to be ready to spend time to build its own customers. One is far from traditional employment."

The chiropractic is the only field of exercise in alternative health that requires a university diploma.   People who wish to become chiropractor must initially obtain a phd (doctorate) in the field. In Quebec, only the University of Quebec in Three-Rivers offers the program. Take note, the formation has set quotas for: on 600 requests for admission annually received only about forty are accepted.

The exercise of acupuncture requires for his part a collegial level formation. The College of Rosemont in Montreal is the only establishment in the province of Quebec who offers the program. Spread out on three years, the formation leads to obtaining a diploma of collegial studies in technical training. In order to have the right to practise, the graduates in acupuncture must however become member of the Order of the acupunctors of Quebec. The success of two examinations is required to become member.  

As for the massage therapy, no public institution offers the program. It is thus necessary to fold back on the private schools and to count several thousands of dollars for obtaining a diploma, so be it approximately 3 000 $ in most of the cases. About twenty establishments are prosperous and highly respected about everywhere in Quebec, but none of them has particular recognition. An exhaustive list of the existing schools is accessible on the web site of the ACTMD.





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