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The theory.

Thai Traditional Massage results from the meeting of the Ayurvédique Massage of India with the Chinese Traditional Massage. In Thailand, the traditional Thai massage, this ancestral art, three times millennium, is an integral part of medical cares and of the hygiene of life of the Thais. Of all the Asiatic massages, the Thai is one of the most complete because it is inspired a lot of Yoga for the stretching and mobilizations as of Shiatsu as regards pressures along meridians. An institution as much as an art of living, it is practised in Temples and health centres but also in a friendly way in family. It restores energy, invigorates the skin and muscular tissues, stimulates the circulation, and balances the nervous and endocrinal systems.   Treating the body as a whole, this is a preventive, protective and regenerating method that re-harmonizes the body and the spirit.   Nothing to do with the massages of the hot districts of Bangkok.

The practice.
This massage carries out fully dressed.   You slip on a pants and a shirt in very fine cotton.   According to the tradition, Thai Traditional Massage is practised not on a table but directly on the ground on a rather thin mattress of type Futon or tatami. The massage starts with the sole of the feet: this is where the therapist will locate the blocking zones.   After kneading your feet and made crack all your toes, it goes up along the legs while combining four techniques: digitopuncture, massage of the muscles, stretching and manipulations that resemble those used by the osteopaths.

The whole body passes it, first side reverse with a little impression of being a rag doll...   To finish, a warm towel is put on your face and a very light massage is done while starting with the neck and finishing by the forehead.   Final touch: the therapist rubs its hands against each other and places them to few inches of your face you feel the heat of his hands.   Would this be " fluid " ?   Having remained lengthened about ten minutes you leave with the sensation to have a better " oiled " body.   Indicated for all those who have backs problems, insomnias, of circulation, of joints, of anguish or of stress, this massage allows feeling well in his skin and in his head.   The benefit is immediate.  

This massage without oil is a call at the present moment it has the art to bring you to let go and allows reconnecting to yourself. Slow, rhythmical and complete, it restores balance and the energetic dynamics of the body and the spirit so by pressures exercised with hands, elbows and feet than by techniques of stretching and of articular or muscular mobilizations.

A Thai Massage deserving this name lasts at least one hour. However, ideal would be to foresee a space-time of hundred minutes for an even deeper internal journey.





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