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The theory.

Borrowed from the traditional culture of the of the Indians of North America, the hot stones massage remerges of its ashes in the 80's in Arizona, fief of New Age. Old territory of the Navajo Indians, endowed with lunar landscapes, the place is " inhabited" and the stones loaded with energy. Certain institutes, purists, get stones (out of basalt) from Arizona, others choose volcanic stones of various origins, or, will fish them at the bottom of the oceans. Every other week, they make them soak in salted water and reloads in the moonlight. It is to say if one believes in it! The hot stones are thus supposed to refill the batteries, " balance the energy flow" and increase the flexibility of the muscles. More prosaically, accompanied of a good relaxing massage with essential oils, they favour relaxation.

The practice.
It is quite warm in the cosy cabin and the therapist puts round, soft and warm stones, on the nape of the neck and the hollow of the back. He will also put some on strategic points (points of energy) of your anatomy (plexus, belly and, along the back). These multiples heat sources envelop the body from the head to the feet.   With its stones, he will carry out a long releasing massage, made up of effleurages and pressures. If it is made well, one cannot distinguish if it is its hand or a pebble. Afterwards, one planes.





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