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The theory.

In China, Tui-Na is one of the five branches of traditional medicine, as well as Phytotherapy, acupuncture, dietetics or the Qi Gong. Over there, it is applied as well on a daily bases, in family, as by graduate massage therapists, with a therapeutic aim. These train on rice bags, and as long as they do not reduce rice into powders, with the only force of their wrists, they do not have the right to touch the human being. For the Asiatics, a body is in good health when energy (QI) circulates freely inside the body. The purpose of Tui-Na is thus to free " the energy knots" , physical and emotional, to restart the circulation, to rebalance the yin and the yang while acting on tissues, but also on the meridian lines and the points of acupuncture. An ideal treatment to fight against fatigue, nervous tension, moral decrease, small pains, loosen up articulations or, simply, to maintain vitality.

The practice.
The therapist starts by taking your pulse, makes you stick out your tongue, palpates your neck. In a few seconds, he understands where it jams. Once you lengthened on the table in underwear, but bashfully covered with a fine sheet, the " treatment" can begin. The hands of the therapist enter in action with an alternation of pressures, frictions, rather firm stretching, supported, but not painful. The circular strokes are connected at high-speed rhythm, with an incredible dexterity. One would believe that he uses various instruments, as the feelings vary… but no, only its astonishing hands officiate. The therapist lengthily works the back, the nape of the neck, the skull and the face, before treating the bottom of the body make the energy, too often blocked at the top, go down.   Nothing to do with a relaxation massage with oil, where it suffices to close the eyes and to let go but one spends a good moment nevertheless. One leaves slackened but not spineless there, invigorated in-depth.





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