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by Mariette Troisfontaines

Hello to all of you all,

Let me present myself to you, my name is Mariette Troisfontaines   I'm a certified hypnotherapist as well as having a university multi-disciplinary formation which gives me a psycho-legal profile.   As a final detail, I also have a specialized formation which permits me to intervene with victims and survivors of sexual abuse and/or with those who abuse sexually.

As   many are aware, there is not one week that we are not bombarded by one of our media concerning the human damage done by a sexual predator.   This is everybody's nightmare, not only those of women !   This also happens to men and boys !   This article is for therapists - massage therapists, hypnotherapists, etc.

What and how can we equip ourselves … give us personal resources ?

1.    Contact your local police department. Ask to meet someone who is able to inform you on what you can do and what you cannot or should not do.

2.    Take self defense courses.

3.    If you have survived a sexual abuse (forced sexual act during childhood, incest, rape, intimate or marital rape), please get support from a specialized health professional in the domain.   I personally know excellent interveners who are sexual abuse survivors.   They have recognized their limits, their relationship borders, and have established some reference points and existential guide lines which have created a remarkable inner strength.

4.    We all have rights to self defense, be it at a physical, psychological, morale, sexual, etc. level.   But it is better to be at a preventive level rather than a curative level.   This is why the importance to acquire information on your legal rights from the police.   You may be surprised to find out that there are support services in your community.

5.    How to let out you self assurance in your voice : a trick that I used during my university studies was to do sketches with family members or good friends.   By having these supporting people playing the roles of intimidating people will help you to better understand the situations where you would feel uneasy about sexuality.   This experience will help you target essential " where, how and why" of feeling intimidated.   Believe me, when you have faced this challenge, you will be in contact with your natural assurance.   Why ?   Because YOU ARE THE ONE who pushed out the limits of your fears !

6.    Inform yourself, become your personal mentor, contact groups that work with these types of problems like CALACS (Centres d'Aide et de Lutte contre Les Agressions à Caractère Sexuel - organism that supports sexual abus victimes) or CAVAC (Centre d'Aide aux Victimes d'Actes Criminels - organism that supports victims and witnesses of criminal acts).   You could also go to the Courthouse and ask a court clerk how to use the Courthouse criminal file computer, especially if you have a funny feeling about a client.   This computerized tool is available for public service and is a public right.

Mariette Troisfontaines  hypnotherapist





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