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by Jocelyn Vincent, translated by Mariette Troisfontaines

As a popular French saying goes " Many hailed, few accept"     Several people would like to become massage therapists, but only a handful do exercise.

Before commencing studies in massage therapy, before throwing one self's energies and spending several thousand of dollars, it is of prime importance to ask yourself a very important question.     Why do I wish to do this type of work ?   It is essential to examine our personal values, our desires, what is attracting you to this ?   This introspection is over and beyond a simple employment option.

I often meet young massage therapists who are shy, vulnerable and have little or no self esteem and decide to study in this domain to mend their own personal traumas.   Having survived to diverse childhood abuse, they wish to offer help and wellbeing to those who are like them.   Unfortunately, life is not that easy.

For some unexplainable reason, we attract what we fear.   One day, and that day is not that far away, you will eventually see coming in your office the client you don't wish to meet.   And they are there … " live as life" … in person, and you have to face that specific fear that you have cautiously buried deeply within yourself.

Who will he be ?
The client with wondering hands that will resurrect the sexual abuse suffered in your past
The father you never had
The manipulative mother

That is when the personal trauma reopens … is reactivated.   " Adieu" to therapeutic massage.

If after your introspection you discover a true desire to help others and, at the same time, you wish to heal your past wounds, therapeutic massage is not for you.   Just as the wolf in the sheepfold, they (the predator) will prey on you and you will see your thousands of dollars of personal investment go up in smoke along with all your aspirations and your dreams.

If you permit me to give a bit of a good advice, use this money to meet a professional counselor who will be able to help you.   When you will be able to see light after being in the fear darkness, you will be able to accomplish your dreams.

Never forget this : " You can flee as far away as you wish, but you will always be there to catch yourself" .   We could resume this phrase by : " As long as you don't resolve your problem, it will follow you" .

Jocelyn Vincent is a massage therapist and the president of the ACTMD





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