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The theory.

This massage, stemming from the Indian medicine, aims to rebalance chakras (energy points), whose operation varies according to our emotions. It will drive out the tensions to restore an optimal functioning of the body.

The practice.
The role of the massage therapist is very important. This one must feel the tensions with the touch and work these precise points to unblock them. Dressed with a g-string only, I lie on my stomach. The therapist asks you to have some time on your own… " To make contact" , he makes whirl his arms around you, you feel the presence of his hands without him touching you… Then, he presses at the base of the coccyx, one of the key points, then the massage begins starting with the legs. " Everywhere where that hurt, it is that energy is blocked" , He will massage the whole body thus, from the point of the feet to the root of the hair, first side reverse. After this great broom blow, you will have an invigorated body, an alleviated head, exactly the reverse of you first state… A perfect massage for all those that are feeling badly in their skin without knowing why, in period of stress, fatigue, of depression. Energetic and purifying, this Ayurvedic massage is part of a good of life hygiene, as well as a healthy diet and the regular practice of a physical activity.





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