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The theory.
There are millenniums, the Chinese, the Indian, the Thai, the Egyptians massaged their feet.   They had even made of this gesture a real therapy. One rediscovers the track of such practice with the Indian of North America, and even in certain Africa tribes.   One rediscovers them today under the official terminology of Plantar Reflexology. The Thai Plantar Reflexology is the fruit of knowledge transmitted during these three last millenniums.   This Thai Traditional Massage of the feet is a magnificent synthesis of the multiples and various traditional techniques used in the countries of the Southeast Asian. This a manual therapy used for the prevention and the care of the more common feverish diseases.   This ancestral art is integral part of the life hygiene of the Thai.   An institution as much as an art of living, it is practiced in the Temples and the medical centres but also in a convivial way in family. The nervous system and the skin are closely dependent, since they arise from the same embryonic layer.   This is why the massage acts in depth on the nervous system, centre of command of all the activities, physical and psychic.   All the received stimuli are evaluated, measured, studied, and then goes through our grey matter before arriving until the vital organs.   Feet and hands have the characteristic to possess a big quantity of nervous endings and occupy a more important place than the remainder of the body at the level of the cerebral cortex.   It explains action to distance of the deep stimulation of a reflex zone. The foot is a global reading chart of the body, in every zone reflex of the foot corresponds a precise part of the body. It is admitted that the Thai Plantar Reflexology has an effect on the blood circulation, the nervous system and therefore on the health of the internal organs. Knowing that about 70% of the disorders are due precisely to nervous tensions … this deep feet massage is the solution by excellence.  

The practice.
According to the tradition, to receive this Thai Reflexology massage, it is advised to sit comfortably, the feet resting on a stool. This is a clever mix of cream and oil that will progressively be applied on the feet and the half legs (to the knees) during a good hour. To do so, one will use a stick made of wood (called notably " Iron wood stick " ) in order to make react more efficiently the specific reflex zones. When we know that our feet bear 100% of the weight of the body and that we inflict them an average of 7000 steps every day, recognize that we owe them a certain respect!   This is why, it would be reasonable to give them the cares that they deserve and that they will require in any case one day or the other.   Brings wellbeing and deep relaxation. Induce a lightness sensation.  

Relieve heavy legs.   Regulate the appetite and the digestives disturbances.   Fight against insomnia, headaches, stress… Acts in depth on the nervous system.   Reinforce the immune system...  





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