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by Jocelyn Vincent, translated by Mariette Troisfontaines

This question comes up often: How to choose a school of formation.

Even if this stage seems trivial, a wrong choice could cost you greatly.

Once you have taken the decision in becoming a therapist, you have one last decision to take:   Having to choose your school.

Your first probable reflex would be to inscribe in the school closes to you, but before doing so, read the next few points that could help you save thousands of dollars.

Is this school recognized by the professional associations?
If your school is not recognized by the main professional associations, you will not be able to become one of their members and therefore, at the same time, you will not be able to give receipts to your clients and you risk losing an important number of clients.

The school chosen has been in business for how many years?
If you live in Quebec, you may verify at the " Registre des Entreprises du Québec " site at: in order to verify the year of the school founding as well as to have access to list of the administrators' names.   The school's attestation given out at the end of your formation will have no value if the school closes.   What happens to your formation that cost you so much if, after a certain number of years, you decide to change associations and realize that your school has ceased its functions?   The professional associations verify the validity of the diplomas by contacting the school … that is if the school still exists, otherwise … you will have to go to another school and start all over again.

How many teachers work in this school?
Certain schools have only one teacher, and it is often the owner of the establishment who gives the courses.   How can one teacher know or have all the knowledge required for a formation technique?   Also, what would happen to your investment, several thousands of dollars, if this teacher has to stop the formation for health reasons?

Does the Ministry of Revenue recognition of a school automatically guarantee the establishment quality?
A school recognized by the Ministry of Revenue or by the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada is not a guarantee of quality or of security.   These government recognitions offer students to have a receipt issued by the school which is necessary for income tax deduction.

One last important item to consider: Before inscribing for a complete formation, it is recommended that you inscribe yourself to an introductory weekend formation.   You will be able to acquaint yourself to the teacher and discover unknown details concerning the school.   If you are not pleased, you have then invested a few hundred dollars instead of a few thousand.   This feeble investment is worthwhile.

We hope that these few suggestions will permit you to make a wise choice.

Jocelyn Vincent is a massage therapist, hypnotherapist  and the president of the ACTMD





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