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The theory.

Pulling its principles from the Chinese acupuncture, 5,000-year-old medicine, the strokes of Shiatsu aim to maintain or to restore a free circulation of the energy in the body. For the Oriental, the body and the spirit form a whole it constant reaction. Let's remember how a simple cold can demoralize us, how a love pain can cut the appetite or anxiety can give us a headache. The body and the spirit influence ceaselessly. One hour of Shiatsu massage is equivalent to four hours of sleep… Shiatsu made its appearance in Quebec in the middle of the 70's... Amma, acupressure, digitopuncture, manupuncture, Jin Shin Do are variants of Shiatsu...

Literally meaning " pressure of the fingers" in Japanese, the shiatsu is a method of manipulations similar to acupuncture. As for it, the intervention points follow the energetic meridians. In aesthetics, practice of the shiatsu regulates energy and revitalizes the body. " In Japan, shiatsu goes well beyond from a practice, explains Sendi Nagata, Japanese Master, one of the first to have practiced it in France, thirty years ago. The shiatsu is closely connected to the Zen philosophy, centered on meditation and concentration. "   Shiatsu is the only type of massage that one can apply to itself it is called Do-In or auto-Shiatsu.

The practice.
It is generally practiced on a futon put on the ground. One can remain dressed, on condition of wearing sufficiently light clothing so that the therapist can " feel" the body. The pressures, lavished with the thumbs, palms of the hands, elbows or even knees, can be more or less pleasant according to the tension zones… but the well being is there at the end of the session. Ideal for all of those who show a blow of tiredness, a loss of energy.





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