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by ACTMD's team

Since therapists in complementary medicine are not considered as persons at risk by our Health Ministers, even with the proximity of treatments, therapists have no other choice but to wait their turn along with everyone else.  However, there are some steps they can take in this situation to protect themselves and their clients.

 If you cannot as yet have your vaccination, prevention is the best medicine.  This is why we are inviting therapists to inform their clients and to post on their office doors, a notice, which clearly advises their clients that they MUST cancel their appointment (not come in):

  • if they have a fever or
  • had a fever in the past 24 hours and
    • if they have a cough
    • if they have a sore throat or
    • if they are achy and sore for no apparent reason.

Therapists must also inform their clients to immediately wash their hands upon arrival for their treatment.  Although a 70% alcoholic gel is efficient, soap and water remains the best solution.   With this in mind, we also suggest disinfecting on a regular basis the most frequently touched objects by clients, i.e. door knobs, etc.

These policies help protect the health of your clients and by the same token, to protect yourself.

Insofar as massages are concerned, it is important to note that fever has always been a contra indication to massages.  In fact, massages can increase temperature without taking into consideration the risks of infectiousness  regardless of the source of infection.

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