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NETWORKING (3rd part):
by Francine Audet M.A., translated by ACTMD's team

The principal qualities of a Networker

What are the common characteristics of a person who maintains significant links whether regular, exclusive or with whole network?  This is someone who has an interest in others, that likes to be in relationships with people and who establishes a good contact with them, full of sincerity and without judgment.  This person is truly interested in others, they are receptive and are good listeners.  They seek new contacts with other people.  And, they know how to maintain their relationships.  They love to be of assistance.  They feel proud when someone asks for their help or advice.  Their aim is not to talk to everyone and to be artificially nice.  Their manner allows for a natural exchange of information.  Their goal is to live life and their passion fully.  They consider each person, each contact that has been placed on his road of life, whether short or long term and thus have created a link with, regardless of the subject of discussion, as they are really interested in others.  This link structure seems to be contagious!  They are interested in people, are reliable, sincere and, people seek their company, their presence and are equally interested in them.  This is also a passionate individual in his domain.  They are curious, honest and are capable of recognizing and seizing professional occasions on the off chance. They are also people who are thoughtful, organized, who know how to plan and to be strategic concerning their enterprise development plan.

This person values cooperation, being a good listener, diplomacy, support, professionalism, recognition of their abilities as well as those of others, initiative, cooperation, versatility and flexibility, pleasure, creativity, energy, positivism, patience, perseverance; self assuredness, in others and in life; results, wanting to learn, curiosity, being open to new things and discoveries.  They are aware of personal and professional needs but also take into consideration the needs of others and if they can assist them by using their knowledge, aptitudes, influence and/or professional skills; they will offer their help and/or their professional services.  They plan on realistic and attainable goals.  This person emits energy, dynamism, are humbly positive and optimistic thus leaving a solid impression on others which they were in contact with.  They know how to be discreet, reliable and polite and how to be tactful.  People feel confident in requesting their aid, advice or support.    On the other hand, they do not hesitate to request information, advice, and an opinion from someone else as they recognize the strengths of others and know how to value them.  In a word, they know how to gain the support and consideration of others.  Further, they know that their time and the time of others is precious, manages their own efficiently and, respects the time of others.  They know how to make themselves available, cooperative, collaborate if requested, takes the necessary time for an exchange or a true meeting but does not lengthen needlessly a meeting which has obviously terminated and repeating unnecessarily what was said.  This person talks about his project, enterprise and/or of his passion, ambitions in an efficient manner, is enthusiastic and vivid without however trying to impress.

It goes without saying that a person cannot possess all these qualities in order to network, but each one they do have, is to their advantage.





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