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Article du mois
Article of the month



by ACTMD's team

Moving Day is a social phenomenon in Québec.  Each year, between 200,000 and 250,000 Quebec households move on July 1st and/or on the days immediately surrounding this date.  Before moving, think about it seriously.  Moving requires time and effort, financial planning and has psychosocial consequences and, these increase if you have to move your office and rebuild your clientele as well. We will review some of these elements in the next articles.

Preparation and Financial Implications
Moving is not free.    This requires an adequate budget   and good planning if we want to safely move all the effects from the house and office and settle in with peace of mind.  The cost of moving can vary on the time of year of the moving date, the number of floors in the building, the volume and weight to move, etc.  It is preferable to plan ahead and to compare prices, movers and available friends who could help you move.  When booking a mover, do it early as prices increase during the peak moving season.   It is also important to make sure that the mover is properly registered (in Québec this can be checked with the Transport Department at 1-888-461-2433) and to make sure they have professional liability/responsibility insurance in case of damages.  Also speak with your insurance agent    to find out which insurance is best for your needs.

Before moving, check all possible consequences concerning you and your environment, i.e. time, financial and social impacts.

A couple of statistics

  • Truck rental fees are higher (in the Montreal area) especially during peak moving time between June   10 to July 10th.  Rates vary from one city to another.
  • More than 70% of people who move do not hire professional movers, which means that you have to organize the move, find a truck and movers (friends, family, etc.), snacks and meals (pizza, soft drinks) or other… and to risk the breakage of equipment, delays, etc.

For the individual having a very limited budget or debts, having to call a professional mover, friends or that he moves himself (gas, truck rental, etc.) this becomes an additional task added to the move, that of arranging the financing.    If the mover is forced to move due to separation, divorce, seizure of goods, relocation or other money problems, moving becomes a further irritant.

Further, in addition to direct moving costs, there are additional financial charges, such as;

  • Installation charges: phone, Internet, some applicance installations, etc.
  • Removal charges or contract breaking fees
  • Furniture, painting, labour, etc.
  • Purchase of new equipment, furniture, etc.
  • Other.  

Time Investment
It is very important to make all your changes of address.  Set up a list of companies or people to contact. You will avoid forgetting some of them and you can start doing the changes a couple of months before your move.  Certain companies accept making changes on the phone.  

.  Please note that there may be some fees to make changes, system disconnects and re-connects.

  • Provincial government for all governmental services: licenses, income tax, electoral lists, etc.
  • Federal government:  there is no equal at the Federal level, however you can make your change of address at Services Canada.
  • Electricity companies (as Hydro-Québec in Québec), natural gas, oil companies, etc. confirm with them the delays necessary to make your change of address in order to avoid any problems with billing, connections or disconnections.
  • If you rent your water heater or other equipment, advise your supplier.
  • Credit cards.
  • Alarm system companies.
  • Pension plan providers.
  • Your employer.
  • All companies that supply phone services, cell phones, Internet, cable, etc., such as Videotron (in Québec), Bell Canada, etc.
  • Associations in which you are a member.

Moving can also cause you various unexpected difficulties, like limited Internet access or phone services in your area, which risk being a nuisance to your business.  Do not forget to consider these elements since these services have become indispensable in your professional, family and social lives.

  • Insurances (professional, home, car, life, etc).

A move may affect your insurance contracts.  In fact, certain insurance policies like your car insurance may have changes due to the building where you are moving too; change in geographic location; driving habit changes, theft risks, etc.  Changes brought on by your move (number of rooms, furniture or equipment changes) can also affect your home insurance policies.  It is important to advise of all these changes as quickly as possible (car use, new computer equipment, new furniture) in order that your insurance companies can make the changes in a timely manner.  Please also note that some of these changes may increase or decrease your insurance rates.

Take the time to also discuss with your broker what coverage you have during your move (furniture or equipment breakage, civil responsibility, etc.)  

Also take advantage of this time to do an inventory of your possessions, their value, serial numbers, etc.  In case of theft, break or loss, this information will be on hand for any claims.

  • You must also advise your employer, college or university, your associations, clients, friends and family members of your new address.
  • Do not forget to mention this change if you are on Employment Insurance or income security.
  • You must advise your financial institutions.
  • Canada Post.  It is recommended to take advantage of services provided by Canada Post, such as having your mail forwarded to your new address.  There are charges for this service, which can be for 3 months or 6 months, but it certainly avoids any future problems.  As a matter of fact, your insurance company contacts you only one a year and your may not think of them.  It is difficult to think of everyone when you are moving.  If you rent a postal box, remember to advise the renter of your move/departure of that area.  If you are moving to a totally new area and require a postal box, rent it in advance to ensure a smooth transition of your mail.





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