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by Jocelyn Vincent, translated by ACTMD's team

Has it ever happened to you that while receiving a massage you were anxious for it to end?

You are not the only one.  In fact, many clients have been  confronted with the following dilemma….do I ask to end this now or simply put up with it and never come back again!

Too many times, clients say they do not really know what a professional massage really is…..How can they judge it's quality?

It is true that it may be difficult to determine the quality of a massage, especially for someone not used to it.  However, there are situations where it is not the massage technique that is responsible for this dilemma but the attitude, personality, the behaviour…

Here are some examples of situations where it would be your right to request an adjustment from the therapist:

  • You appreciate calmness during a session and the therapist is a non-stop chatterbox.  You inform him of your wishes not to chat and he continues just the same ….
  • You ask the therapist for less pressure as you feel pain and he pursues stating it is good for undoing muscular knots… no pain no gain sort of thing.
  • According to your perception, the therapist is massaging way to close to your genitals and you are uncomfortable.  You inform him of this and he continues…..
  • The therapist continuously repeats the same movement again and again, to the point of discomfort…

Four situations amongst many, where you are right to obtain respect.

In such situations, you can say:  "Stop, I would like to end this massage".  Once dressed, you can explain in more detail the reason why you made this request.As a general rule, if the massage lasted less than 15 minutes, the therapist should not charge you. However, if you requested to stop after 30 minutes, he could charge you 30 minutes.  More than that, a reimbursement or a reduction is not realistic.  Obviously reimbursements are at the discretion of the therapist but,  you can always ask.

In any case, it is best to request stopping the massage than to endure it and saying afterwards I should have left

A good massage therapist is one who can adapt to the needs and requests of his client

Jocelyn Vincent is a massage therapist, hypnotherapist and
president of the ACTMD





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