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Other consequences of a move

by ACTMD's team

And now, with the economic situation, you want to change your work place to your home...

Here are a few things to think about:

  1. Does the city where you live have zoning laws that will permit this? It is very important to check city by-laws and to obtain your permit from your City BEFORE opening your office as a jealous neighbour could make a complaint and you would have to close your office.
  2. Do you have the space to do it, i.e. separate room, private washroom & shower?  You would not want a stranger in your personal washroom looking into your medicine cabinet to see what pills you are taking or what brand of toothpaste you use. If  you have no choice, then you should find a place to put these effects under lock & key.
  3. Storage of supplies and sheets - do you have this?
  4. Do you have office space to keep all documents, receipts, attestations, etc. in a secure place?
  5. Security. do you live alone?  Do you really know your clients?

Would clients come in your front door and be in a position to view your belongings or would you have private access?  

Do you have an alert button (in case of) linked to the police station or alarm company?  Alarm companies also have fees added for this kind of coverage, but it is worthwhile protection.

Please take these points under serious consideration in your decision making process.





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