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by ACTMD's team

You're a loving person that has empathy and like one on one personalized approach with people and you have found your profession as a therapist in alternative medicine.  

Now that you found your voice have you made a choice between being self-employed or an employee?

The key to make the right decision is to acknowledge your restrictions and limitations.

To help you through this process, here are essentials questions that you need to ask yourself.

  Yes No
I prefer to work on my own    
I would like to work with a team    
I am disciplined and keep my accounts up to date    
I decide my schedule without any constraint    
Does this work is mandatory because financial security is important    
I have time to maintain my network    
I like to set my own goals    
I want to develop myself my advertising    
I have a local and tools to do my job    
I can get around easily, I have a car    
I can afford weeks where there are fewer customers    
I prefer homeworkind    
I like to make my own decisions    

If you selected a majority of (yes) indicates that probably the self-employed status is suitable for you.  If you selected a majority of (no), the employee status would be better for you. It is also possible to use a hybrid strategy, where some days are reserved for other employers and periods that are retained as self-employed.

The best decision is the one that suit you the most in order to continue being happy in your professional life.

Your success will grow by your satisfied customers who will talk about your services, your toughness, your efforts, your ability to listen, for your confidence and first and foremost your hospitality






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