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ACDM - Association Canadienne des Massothérapeutes  et Autres thérapeutes en Médecines Alternatives

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Exam procedures


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Who has not felt a certain anxiety or insecurity when they simply heard the word EXAM.

The reason which motivates this text is to demystify the CATCM exam procedures.

It is a practical evaluation exam, therefore there are no book and note studies.

The evaluation is passed in a clinical office belonging to one of our expert clinicians.   This means that you are exactly in a similar context that you would normally find in your own personal practice.

We don't evaluate " a" technique but the holistic aspect of the therapist's formation.   This means if a therapist has completed their formation in Swedish massage but has also studied reflexology, you could therefore integrate certain reflexology techniques during the massage if the client's problem presented by the evaluator is propitious for the evaluation.   During the feed-back period after the exam, you will give the reasons that justify your use of this approach within the massage evaluation.   We are conscience that each therapist has their own personal way to apply these techniques and we respect these diversities as so long as they are within an acceptable range of practice.

Each aspect is equally evaluated : be it the greeting, the health assessment or the technique, as well as the feedback after the session.   We take into consideration the client's overall experience of this situation.   A heartwarming greeting can have just as much of an impact on the client's comfort and feeling at ease with the therapist, just as they are affected by the technique applied.

The result of the evaluation is immediately given after the exam.

One purpose of this evaluation is the constructive feedback given by the evaluator.   This person will mention your strong points and they will give advice on points to improve.   If the candidate fails the exam, the evaluator will give recommendations to help improve the weak points before undergoing another exam session, which will be free.   Our main goal is to offer qualified therapists to the public.

For hypnotherapists, the exam is quite similar.   The candidate may integrate several techniques during the exam session (Ericsonien hypnosis, PNL, etc.)   The principal difference is that it is the evaluator is accompanied by a client who will receive the treatment.   This facilitates the expert clinician's evaluation.   When the appointment is taken for the exam, you are informed of the client's problem which permits you to prepare your session.

For all other types of therapists recognized by CATCM, please contact our office and you will be informed of the CATCM evaluation procedures for these specialties.

We hope that we have answered any of your inquiries concerning the CATCM evaluations.






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