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ACTMD - Association Canadienne des thérapeutes en Médecines Douces
CATCM - Canadian Association of Therapists in Complementary Medicine

ACDM - Association Canadienne des Massothérapeutes  et Autres thérapeutes en Médecines Alternatives

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Procedure of complaint

Complaint forms




If you believe that the treatment received by a therapist goes against the deontology, please, notify the ACTMD about it.

What are the procedure?
At first, you should verify the membership status of the therapist with  ACTMD. Of course, ACTMD will not be able to make an intervention if the therapist is not a member of ACTMD.

When to lay a complaint
When a client experiences concern about the conduct of a therapist or delivery of a treatment he/she is encouraged to communicate the concern directly to the therapist. The client may also call the ACTMD at any time to ascertain if there has been a breach of the Code of Ethics.

In the case you believe that a misconduct  has been committed, you should complete the complaint form of the ACTMD. In order to proceed, the complaint must be submitted in writing and duly signed.

How does it work
You must answer all the questions on the form. You must also identify which articles of the code of ethics have not been honoured. Then, you should tell us in details, your version of the facts.

The process is then engaged by the disciplinary council. The therapist will be invited by the council  to give his version of the facts and  of course the therapist will be forbidden to contact the complainant.

What the council will do
The council will study and investigate the case. The investigation will perhaps necessitate  to communicate with both parties in more than one occasion.

Once the verdict has been made, the therapist can make an appeal of the decision if others elements are added to the file.If there is penalty (suspension, radiation or other) the ACTMD reserved the right to inform the public about it, the way chosen by the ACTMD.






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