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  ACTMD - Association Canadienne des thérapeutes en Médecines Douces
CATCM - Canadian Association of Therapists in Complementary Medicine

ACDM - Association Canadienne des Massothérapeutes  et Autres thérapeutes en Médecines Alternatives

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Step 1
Ask yourself these questions:
- What picks your interest?
- In which kind of activity do you excel?
- What is your personality's type?
- What matters most?

If you answered that picks your interest is the human nature, health and the well-being of people, that you are empathetic, that you have a good ear and that you like human contacts, you are on the good track.

Step 2
You must know what the possibilities of career are. You must take the initiative to explore the different options offered to you. Consult books describing different technical approach. Inform yourself of the scales of wages, surf the web. Set up appointment among accredited massage therapist who practice different approach and take introduction courses offered by school that are recognized by ACDM.

Step 3
Look around for a school that will meet your requirements. Visit at least three before stopping your choice on the first one and make sure that this school is recognize by ACDM.

But more important, still, it will be necessary to set one thing straight. Don't forget that you have the right to make mistake and that you are not bound at life to one approach of massage. Therefore, it is useless to put yourself under pressure in order to make the perfect choice.

Good research.







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