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INVESTIGATION BY LA PRESSE   (December 17, 2005)
Massages with sexual character refunded by insurances companies!

The Canadian Association of Massage therapist and Other Therapists in Alternative medicines (ACDM) like of the Fédération Québecoise des Massothérapeutes ( FQM), regrets that some use the name of massothérapeute to make the trade of sex.

Our committee of discipline, inspection, our code of practice, is as much means as the ACDM uses to protect the public from the quacks and the alleged massage therapists.

It is to deplore that the insurance companies do not exercise or not enough control on the quality and the professionalism of the associations which they recognize. In the environment, most know which association is professional and which other is not. Every time that a name goes out of the hat, we have a rather just idea of who it will be. Healthy competition has nothing negative, quite the contrary, it forces each of us to be even better. On the other hand, when an association is made known for its laxity in the selection of its members, it is everyone who loses there. The professional massage therapists, the public and the insurance companies which see each other deprived of large sums in refunding for care which were not really returned actually.

Even though a professional order of massage therapists could perhaps protect the public, there would always be those that by-pass the system by claiming to offer the same care, while using a different name. The quack will always be able to use the title of " relaxation therapist " to promote his services. Because it will not be member of any association, it will be able to offer prices more advantageous than his professional competitors and members of the order. And here is the wheel which starts again.

We strongly believe that the broadcasting of information is the only effective way to protect the public. A warned customer, who took time to inquire, to look and to make a clear choice increases by far, the probability to find the professional who will have competence to meet its need. We also invite you to visit this site regularly to increase, in the course of time, your tools of selection and by the fact, protection.

To come: The guide of the well-informed customer

Jocelyn Vincent, pres.






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