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Avoid eating right before a session of massage.

Arrive a few minutes in advance to allow you to begin the process of relaxation before the beginning of your massage.

A good communication is a main thing before, during and after the massage. Do not hesitate to communicate some discomforts. That it is the massage or any other problem or distraction connected to theenvironment, in particular, the temperature of the room, the volume of the music, the lightning, etc. Feel free to say whow   you feel with the massage thérapist about the massage: a sufficient pressure, speed of the movements, etc.

Do not fear of discussing your apprehensions, your fear with your thérapist. It is important for you to be comfortable during your massage. Your therapist is a professional dedicated to do is best so that you feel at ease.

Breathing contributes to the relaxation. People, in general, stop or limit their breathing when they feel anxious, when they have thoughts which cross their mind or if they have a significant part treated. If you realize that you stop breathing, breathe again, slowly and deeply. You can also help you while following the movement of the hands of the therapist as well as the feeling of the touch.

If there is something going on during the massage that you do not like or who seems inappropriate, you have the right to ask to the therapist to stop. If necessary, you can finish the massage.

If you are dazed after the massage, you do not get up the table too quickly.

In order to get the maximum benefits of the massage, it is wise to leave you some peaceful time after your treatment. Example: take a hot bath, listen to a calming music...







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